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The Ridge

Nominated for Best Thriller of 2012 by the International Thriller Writer’s Association In an isolated stretch of eastern Kentucky, on a hilltop known as Blade Ridge, stands a lighthouse that illuminates nothing but the surrounding woods. For years the lighthouse has been considered no more than an eccentric local landmark—until its builder is found dead […]

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The Cypress House

Arlen Wagner has an awful gift, first discovered on the battlefields during his Army days: he sees death in the eyes of men before it strikes them. He is never wrong. Fortunately, the haunting premonitions that plagued him in the war aren’t common back home. They aren’t, at least, until a hot Florida night in […]

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So Cold the River

It starts with a beautiful woman and a challenge. As a gift for her husband, Alyssa Bradford approaches Eric Shaw to make a documentary about her father-in-law, Campbell Bradford, a 95-year-old millionaire whose past is wrapped in mystery. Eric grabs the job even though there are few clues to the man’s story—just the name of […]

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The Silent Hour

Fourth Lincoln Perry

Following his critically acclaimed Envy the Night (“A dynamic thriller”—The New York Times), Michael Koryta returns with a blistering new installment of the Edgar®-, Shamus-, and Quill-nominated Lincoln Perry series. Whisper Ridge—Home to Dreams—November 6, 1992-April 27, 1996  So reads the strange epitaph carved beside the door of the home called Whisper Ridge, a multimillion-dollar piece of […]

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Envy the Night

Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for the year’s best mystery/thriller  In this first stand-alone novel from the critically acclaimed Edgar® Award-finalist, Michael Koryta fulfills his early promise with a dark and mature novel of a young man trying to escape his past. It has been seven years since Frank Temple III joined the rest […]

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A Welcome Grave

Third Lincoln Perry

Sometime after midnight, on a moonless October night turned harsh by a fine, windswept rain, one of the men I liked least in the world was murdered in a field near Bedford, just south of the city…. So begins A WELCOME GRAVE, the third novel by award-winning mystery writer Michael Koryta, featuring private investigator Lincoln Perry. […]

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Sorrow’s Anthem

Second Lincoln Perry

In the beginning, it was just about the money. Then things got personal.This is the story that Ed Gradduk tells his private investigator Lincoln Perry when the two are reunited for the first time in years. They were close once, best friends who roamed the same streets and shared the same laughter and pain until […]

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