Tampa Bay Times Reviewer Reads LAST WORDS in the Daylight

A Tampa Bay Times reviewer has to read LAST WORDS in the daylight– “I wasn’t more than a third of the way into Michael Koryta’s Last Words late one recent evening when I closed its covers and started browsing Netflix for silly sitcoms. I knew...

A Fun & Gripping murder mystery in caves

The Washington Post find LAST WORDS fun and gripping: The versatile Michael Koryta’s new thriller is an exercise in sustained creepy atmospherics…It’s a kind of “Twin Peaks” with stalactites. It’s also a good guilt-ridden-survivor yarn, about a man whose last...

Michael Gives Readers Several Layers of Mystery

“Without a doubt, Michael Koryta writes the type of books that I love to read—complex stories with several layers of mystery.” -Melissa Willis, Straight Off the Page You can read her full review of LAST WORDS at http://goo.gl/F6YWpi

Inspirations, Phobias and Last Words

Life Sentence Editor in Chief, Lisa Levy, talks with Michael Koryta about his inspirations, phobias and LAST WORDS. Read the full interview at http://ow.ly/QYgo8