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HOW IT HAPPENED Displays First-Rate Style

Bookreporter reviews HOW IT HAPPENED, saying: “Koryta is at the top of his game in HOW IT HAPPENED. His style remains first rate. There’s a description of a Port Hope ne’er-do-well about two-thirds of the way through the book that is only a paragraph long but makes the man in question jump and dance right off the page. That’s top-notch writing, and Koryta, as always, displays his considerable chops throughout the novel.”

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Summer’s Best Page Turner

The Chicago Tribune says HOW IT HAPPENED “may be the summer’s best page-turner” adding: “The book casts its spell in revealing the whys and wherefores of the killings. Koryta, who has introduced supernatural elements into several novels, plays it straight here. But that doesn’t mean he fails to deliver his usual blend of dark psychology and pulse-pounding action.”
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It Started with a Confession

“Michael Koryta really makes us feel Rob Barrett’s emotional wounds, the deep tragedy of the bright young lovers killed as their lives were just starting, and the pain of the families whose hope rested in them. But he just as lovingly describes the unsung victims of the opioid epidemic, whose families mourn them as people, not statistics.”

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A Well-Crafted Mystery

The Tampa Bay Times calls HOW IT HAPPENED a “a well-crafted mystery” and says of Michael:
“He’s adept at using setting to frame a story, whether it’s the steamy Florida coast (The Cypress House) or chilly Indiana caves (So Cold the River). In How It Happened, the landscape and waters of the Maine coast are important elements.”
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