Huffington Post Feels LAST WORDS’ Chill

Huffington Post’s Jackie Cooper feels the Indiana cold in LAST WORDS: “Koryta uses the elements of the winter in Indiana to add chill to his story. Then he overlays that with any reader’s feeling of claustrophobia by taking Novak deep down into the...

Tampa Bay Times Reviewer Reads LAST WORDS in the Daylight

A Tampa Bay Times reviewer has to read LAST WORDS in the daylight– “I wasn’t more than a third of the way into Michael Koryta’s Last Words late one recent evening when I closed its covers and started browsing Netflix for silly sitcoms. I knew...

A Fun & Gripping murder mystery in caves

The Washington Post find LAST WORDS fun and gripping: The versatile Michael Koryta’s new thriller is an exercise in sustained creepy atmospherics…It’s a kind of “Twin Peaks” with stalactites. It’s also a good guilt-ridden-survivor yarn, about a man whose last...

Michael Gives Readers Several Layers of Mystery

“Without a doubt, Michael Koryta writes the type of books that I love to read—complex stories with several layers of mystery.” -Melissa Willis, Straight Off the Page You can read her full review of LAST WORDS at

Inspirations, Phobias and Last Words

Life Sentence Editor in Chief, Lisa Levy, talks with Michael Koryta about his inspirations, phobias and LAST WORDS. Read the full interview at