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The Cypress House
Mass Market Paperback

Arlen Wagner has an awful gift, first discovered on the battlefields during his Army days: he sees death in the eyes of men before it strikes them. He is never wrong.

Fortunately, the haunting premonitions that plagued him in the war aren't common back home. They aren't, at least, until a hot Florida night in a train car bound for the Keys, when Arlen awakens to find the telltale smoke showing in every man's eyes...

Accompanied by 19-year-old Paul Brickhill, the only person aboard who heeds his strange warnings, Arlen abandons the train. The two soon find themselves in a rural jail, then stranded at The Cypress House—a solitary tavern and boarding house located on the eerie marsh land of the Gulf Coast—right in the path of a hurricane.

The storm isn't the only approaching danger. From the beautiful Rebecca Cady, who owns the roadhouse but seems to host no guests but those hand-picked by the local sheriff, the two men begin to suspect that a much deadlier threat may be hiding in the swamp's shadows, circling, dead set on stopping them from ever escaping the county. From its chilling beginning to heart-pounding end, THE CYPRESS HOUSE is a story of relentless evil and unmatched suspense.

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Read by Robert Petkoff, who won numerous awards last year for his reading of So Cold the River.

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The Cypress House
Hardcover / Trade Paperback

"Koryta is superb with mood and setting...the simmering tension erupts into a rolling boil by the bloody, spooky, and satisfying ending."

"Following up his acclaimed gothic, So Cold the River, Koryta blends gritty noir and ghostly visions...the novel builds to a richly satisfying climax...A commanding performance."

"Scary good...a gripping noir thriller-ghost story..."
   —St. Petersburg Times

"Gothic-noir with a seamless atmospheric certainty."
   —Houston Chronicle

"An enthralling novel that easily melds mystery fiction, the supernatural and just a touch of the old-fashioned western and historical novels without losing the conventions of each genre....Koryta continues to display masterful storytelling in each novel."
   —South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"The Cypress House is a unique and entertaining blend of noir and paranormal suspense, with a tightly controlled supernatural thread as believable as the gunplay. Mr. Koryta is at the start of what will surely be a great career. He's now on my must-read list."
   —Dean Koontz

"One of the very best writers out there. Don't try to label him, or stick him in a genre; that would be a disservice. Just read him, and soon you'll be saying Michael Koryta is among the best there is. And even that praise falls miserably short."
   —Ridley Pearson

"Michael Koryta is one of our new dynamos in the world of books, and in The Cypress House he spreads his range, wedding suspense with the supernatural in the eeriness of 1930s Florida. He uses the psychology of place to penetrate the human heart and delivers his tale of hurricanes and love and hauntings with great narrative force. Koryta's becoming a wonder we'll appreciate for a long time."
   —Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter's Bone

"The Cypress House is a dazzling blend of suspense, the supernatural, and superb storytelling. What a gifted writer. Michael Koryta is the real deal."
   —Ron Rash, author of Serena

"Michael Koryta has fashioned a great character in his reluctant prophet, Arlen Wagner, a good man who ends up with an awful lot of blood on his hands before the denouement of this deliciously dark tale. Koryta is a fantastic storyteller."
   —Scott Smith, author of A Simple Plan and The Ruins

"The eerie but fascinating tale follows the efforts of the two men, along with Rebecca Cady... to survive not only the massive 1935 hurricane which caused severe death and destruction, but the human forces that ruled the area. Written with an excellent eye for describing life during the Great Depression, the novel also exhibits a deep view of human emotions... Highly recommended."
   —Gloria Feit, Midwest Book Review

The Cypress House
Little Brown and Company, January 2011, hardcover, ISBN: 9780316053723
Little Brown and Company, May 2011, trade paperback, ISBN: 9780316053716
Little Brown and Company, July 2012, mass market paperback, ISBN: 9780316053693


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