To be a little more active on the blog. As you might have noticed, posts have been few and far between and way too focused on two things: canceling events for snow, and canceling events for more snow.

It’s March 1, though, and spring is on the way like it or not. I’ve also submitted what will be (better be!) the final draft of the book I’ve been working on for well over a year now, (actually, it’s chased me out of 2009, all the way through 2010, and into 2011): The Ridge. More on that to come. Hopefully, much more.

In my attempt to be more active on this site, I’m going to promise to highlight a favorite book each month. That doesn’t seem so hard, does it? We will see how long I am able to adhere to such a strict policy. In the meantime, stay tuned as I will post my favorite February read shortly.