A Note From Michael:

In a show of intimidation as the companies negotiate terms, Amazon has removed ALL pre-order capabilities for Hachette Book Group titles in all formats. That means you won’t be able to buy Those Who Wish Me Dead in hard copy or Kindle edition. As you can imagine, that is a devastating impact on a new release. But in the big picture, it also means that if you want to order that new JK Rowling (sorry, Robert Galbraith) or forthcoming titles from Michael Connelly and James Patterson, let alone a little book like Those Who Wish Me Dead, you will simply have to look elsewhere. And I hope that you do. Here’s a sample of the “order” page for Little, Brown and Co.’s biggest release of June, a book that people’s jobs depend upon. I was just in the HBG warehouse in Lebanon, Indiana, where a lot of great, hard-working people (in a warehouse that has never had a layoff, I was told) were busting ass to get this book out to its eager readers on time.

Eager readers, please go find it elsewhere. It’s not as hard as Amazon would like you to think that it is.