Only a few days into release for THE CYPRESS HOUSE and we’ve had some very nice mentions:

1) Colette Bancroft’s review/interview in the St. Petersburg Times labels the book a “gripping noir thriller-ghost story.”

2) ABC and the Associated Press call the novel a “spooky thriller…(of) dark and dangerous times…graced with masterly descriptions.”

3) The Seacoast newspaper of beautiful Maine says, “The noir atmosphere drips with steamy Gulf Coast humidity, and crackles with human chemistry. The supernatural element heightens the eerie feel while the story’s foundations go deep into the real hopelessness of the Depression.”

4) The Houston Chronicle’s take: “Deftly blending all genres, Koryta balances the scary violence of Judge Solomon Ward and his tame sheriff — a nightmare of despotic small-town lawmen peculiar to a later South — with the sexual currents stirred up among the three people effectively trapped in the house: Arlen, the romantic, love-besotted Paul, and Rebecca, with her layers upon layers of secrets.”

Hope to see you out along the tour!