Another starred review for HOW IT HAPPENED — this time from Library Journal 

In Koryta’s new thriller, FBI agent Rob Barrett must solve a double murder in Port Hope, Maine. The story begins with local troublemaker Kimmy Crepeaux telling Barrett, an interrogation specialist, what happened, how a hit-and-run turned into a murder. Kimmy gives precise details about the event from start to finish, including where the bodies of local girl Jackie Pelletier and boyfriend Ian Kelly were dumped in a local pond. The only problem is that nothing Kimmy has said is backed by evidence. Especially because the main culprit she names is local caretaker and beloved resident Mathias Burke. As the only person who believes Kimmy’s confession, Barrett begins to make enemies among the local residents and law enforcement. Fans of Koryta’s previous works, readers who enjoy rogue investigators as protagonists, and devotees of murder mysteries will enjoy this enthralling tale.


Available in stores May 15, and for pre-order now: