Some nice words from both in the states and abroad. I love Australia.

1) So Cold the River has been named a “great read” by Australia’s Men’s Fitness magazine. They passed on the opportunity to interview me for the “six-pack secrets” feature, which is disappointing, because I have some great tips on how to handle those tough six-pack moments in which your bottle opener is missing, but I’ll forgive them because of the following quote: “He’s 27 years old and has already been mentioned in the same breath as Stephen King. Koryta’s earned it — this paranormal thriller is a cracker of a read.” I’m hoping that last bit is praise and not a dig at my southern Indiana roots.

2) Australia’s Booktopia Blog provides a nice interview.

3) The Chicago Sun-Times identifies So Cold the River as one of its five summer thrillers that just might be worth your time…,summer-reading-thrillers.article

4) The St. Petersburg Times and Cape Cod Times also select So Cold as a “must-read” of the summer.