With each book, the talents of New York Times best-selling author Koryta (The Prophet) just get better. His latest is sure to please his readers and fans of John Connolly.

—Library Journal


Still mourning his wife’s violent and unsolved murder two years ago, Mark Novak is an investigator for a group that helps wrongly convicted death row inmates. He’s sent to the small town of Garrison, IN, because his firm received a letter from ­Ridley Barnes asking for help. Ridley hasn’t been convicted and is not on death row, but he is suspected of killing a teenager in the Trapdoor Caverns a decade ago. Unable to remember the events that led him to carrying out the dead girl’s body, Ridley wants to know what really happened, even if it means him going to jail. But Mark soon realizes he has been lied to and set up to look like a fool. After more entanglements, including a near-death experience in the cave where the girl died, Mark is determined to uncover the truth.