Well, it’s that time again. The Cypress House is officially in stores, or, if it’s your preference, available in audio and e-book form. I hope you have a chance to give it a look. Many thanks are due to all the people at Little, Brown and Co. who work so hard to get the book out there. I had the pleasure of visiting the Hachette distribution center in Lebanon, Indiana, and it’s always great to see the wonderful people there, who actually make it possible for the books to show up on the shelves. A minor detail, that!

I’ll try to post some updates from on tour, and I hope to see you out there. I know, I know, it’s winter and the weather is bad and the last thing you possibly want to do is venture out into the cold to go to a book signing. But let me remind you that…well, that the cover is pretty? So, yeah, come by and check out that cover. Ploy Siripant does one hell of a job on those.

Some nice words from sources who might do more to intrigue you:

“In fiction, I read an advance proof of Michael Koryta’s THE CYPRESS HOUSE, which greatly impressed me, so much so that I went back and read his previous book, SO COLD THE RIVER, which is terrific.” Dean Koontz, in an interview with Bookreporter discussing his new novel WHAT THE NIGHT KNOWS

“An enthralling novel that easily melds mystery fiction, the supernatural and just a touch of the old-fashioned western and historical novels without losing the conventions of each genre. Yet “The Cypress House” is so grounded in reality that no plot turn or character rings false. “The Cypress House” works as a novel about post-war stress, small-town corruption and the dusty Great Depression. Koryta dredges up the dread that festers below the surface of the characters who reside at “The Cypress House.”
As he did in last year’s supernatural-tinged “So Cold the River,” Koryta again shows his affinity for incorporating varied genres into a cohesive story and, along the way, stretching the boundaries of each…Koryta, who won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 2009 for ‘Envy the Night’ and has been nominated for myriad awards, continues to display masterful storytelling in each novel.”
Oline H. Cogdill, South Florida Sun Sentinel