Publishers Weekly thinks you should read it…a nice starred review.

After three supernatural thrillers, Thriller Award–finalist Koryta (The Ridge) triumphantly returns to crime fiction with this multilayered exploration of guilt and redemption. A momentary lapse has haunted bail bondsman Adam Austin all his life. Some two decades earlier, in his hometown of Chambers, Ohio, the then 18-year-old Adam chose to hang out with his latest love-interest one day rather than walk his 16-year-old sister, Marie Lynn, the five blocks home from school. A predator abducted Marie Lynn and killed her. Since then a gulf has existed between Austin and his then 15-year-old brother, Kent. Old wounds reopen after Adam unintentionally sends another teenage girl, Rachel Bond, to her death. The parallel events compel him to vow to not only catch but kill the person responsible. That Rachel’s boyfriend happens to be the star receiver for the Chambers high school football team coached by Kent forces the brothers to reconnect. Like Laura Lippman, Koryta has a gift for melding a suspenseful, twisty plot with a probing, unflinching look at his protagonists’ weaknesses.

And #1 NYT bestseller Scott Smith agrees, with an incredibly generous assessment:

“I’ve been an admirer of the hardworking Michael Koryta for many years.  I loved SO COLD THE RIVER’s creepy gothic tone; I was enthralled by the eerie world of THE CYPRESS HOUSE.  Koryta is a fantastic writer, and a remarkable storyteller.  But his latest book, THE PROPHET, finds him at an entirely new level; I suspect it may be the novel that brings him the sort of widespread acclaim he’s deserved all along.  A gridiron metaphor would seem appropriate, given the crucial role football plays in THE PROPHET.  It’s as if Koryta has been wowing us with a brilliant running game for eight novels.  We’d be more than happy to see him keep driving the ball up the middle, but here, suddenly, he’s gone to the air:  THE PROPHET is like a long, heart-stopping pass down the sidelines in the final seconds of a decisive game.  It’s made me want to leap to my feet and cheer him on.”