Tour for So Cold the River is officially underway, and I want to thank everyone who has come out to support the book. It means a tremendous amount. Everyone’s busy, there are lots of great books out this summer, and the idea that people travel out of their way (in some cases, WELL out of their way, I’ve had a few people make multiple-hour drives and cross state lines to get to signings already, which blows me away, how generous)to buy a book is extraordinarily humbling. The response to this novel has been a pleasure, because I had such fun writing it, and I love the area and its true and fascinating history so much.

There have been some very nice mentions of the book, and I know I’m going to fail to link to them all here (some are behind subscriber walls, as well) but I want to thank every reporter and reviewer who has been willing to give the novel a look. On that front, I’m extremely excited to report that tomorrow’s “All Things Considered” on NPR will feature an interview about the novel conducted by the wonderful Michele Norris. That one was a real treat, to say the least.

1) IndieBound has selected the book as one of its best of the month:

2) The Huffington Post’s Jason Pinter offers a review and interview:

3) The LA Times jacket copy blog asks about some summer reads that stand out in the memory:

4) The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review does the same (and makes a really interesting call in comparing the book to “Breaking Away,” which had never crossed my mind before, but we are in Indiana limestone country for this one…

5) The Boston Herald’s Jim Sullivan discusses the book and the always-important influence of Dennis Lehane, whose teaching has benefited a LOT of students over the years.

6) The incomparable Miriam Parker of Little, Brown offered a nice audio interview:

I know I’m leaving some things out, and I hate to do that because I can’t stress just how appreciated these things have been. In a summer filled with great books, it’s very humbling to receive so much support for this novel. Thanks to all the writers, reviewers and bloggers who have championed the book, and thanks to everyone who has turned out at the signings. Still have quite a few to do, and I’m looking forward to them!